The Democratic Party United States: Candidates To Challenge Donald Trump In 2020 Primary

The Democrats are arguably one of US most successful political parties producing the likes of J F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and most recently barrack Obama. However, the last few years have been turbulent and trailed with uncertainties with no clear path or leader to lead the pack. As the 2020 poll draws close, the need for a Democrat to challenge Donald Trump heightens. The Democrat presidential field is one of the widest ever recorded in the last 40 years with no fewer than three candidates set to battle out for the primary just a little older than 30.

However, the numbers becomes less significant. Despite the numbers of candidates under the Democrats field, the task gets more daunting than the last 10 years. The plan to oust Donald Trump gets more daunting and looks unlikely for the president to be stopped on his track of getting a second term. Despite several controversies trailing Donald Trump, he remains a popular figure and has managed to maintain a steady approval rating. The economy has already improved lately which makes Trump a huge favorite to come out victorious in the polls come 2020.

The Democratic Party United States: Candidates To Challenge Donald Trump In 2020 Primary

Candidates Set To Via For The Presidential Candidate Slot Under the Democratic Party

The race for the Democratic primaries started at the end of 2018. But the campaign will only be launched when Joe Biden, the former vice president of Barack Obama, announced his decision. The controversy over his attitude towards women delays his announcement.

For the moment, 17 candidates have declared themselves for the primary of the Democratic Party. These primaries will designate the party’s future candidate for the 2020 presidential election, who will face Donald Trump, a likely Republican candidate. While waiting for the candidacy of Joe Biden

Pete Buttigieg

Still unknown a few weeks ago, this millennial progressive, mayor of the small town of South Bend (100,000 inhabitants) in Indiana, claims to have raised seven million dollars in less than a year. The first openly gay candidate in the White House and ex-military, Pete Buttigieg has enjoyed wide media coverage in recent days after notably impressing in a public debate in March against six other Primary candidates.

He is the fastest-rising candidate in opinion polls since the announcement of his candidacy. if elected, he would be the first openly gay president.


Bernie Sanders

Describing himself as a “socialist,” the independent senator was surprised many by electrifying the 2016 Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton, with a much sharper program left. He had finally bowed to the former secretary of state, but hopes, at age 77, to turn the test of his “political revolution”, now that his ideas are taken up by many other Democrats.


Joe Biden

But who is leading in the polls?

For the moment, it is Joe Biden who is presumed to be the Democratic candidate for 2020. The problem: the former Vice President of Barack Obama has been facing accusations of improper behavior, such as kisses or braces, for several weeks. with regard to several women.