Guaranteed Mastercard Credit Card – How To Apply?

The Guaranteed MasterCard is one really beneficial option of credit cards. Many users have enjoyed amazing benefits by using this card for financial transactions. There is a guaranteed credit card approval. You also have the chance to establish or repair your credit. In addition, you have zero liability protection, which implies that you won’t be held responsible when there is unauthorized usage of your card.  

The annual fee of the Guaranteed MasterCard is fixed at $59, while the Annual Interest rate is fixed at 19.8%. The credit limit is restricted to $300 – $7000. When you use the credit card to make everyday purchases within your credit limit, your credit is rebuilt gradually giving you a great customer experience. You can monitor your credit activity online when you use the Guaranteed MasterCard. When your credit score is built, you get more eligible for special rewards and benefits.

One of the benefits of the Guaranteed MasterCard is that there is an available service which provides you, in case of a lost or stolen card, an emergency card replacement, emergency cash advance, constant telephone access and referral to the closest ABM. There is also a zero liability placed on you, in which you are well protected against unauthorized purchases made on your card.

In order to be approved, you need to be eligible by meeting up with some requirements such as the age of the majority in your province or territory of residence. Secondly, you must have no previously created account or a delayed application with CapitalOne. Thirdly, you must have not applied for an account more than once in the last 30 days. Lastly, you mustn’t have an account with CapitalOne that was not in good standing over the last one year. All these requirements are vital to ensure that every account is well protected before getting approved.


How to Apply for your Guaranteed MasterCard

Guaranteed Mastercard Credit Card - How To Apply?

To apply for your Guaranteed MasterCard, first log in to the webpage.

-After this, click on “Apply Now” to begin your application immediately online.

-In applying for your Guaranteed MasterCard, ensure you have firstly read the Important Disclosures for all information about eligibility and rates. This is to make sure you know exactly what it entails before applying, so that you do not make the wrong application. You would be required to provide your personal information, contact information, employment information, and financial information through which a profile is created for you. You have to ensure that all the vital details are accurately provided to avoid delays or an outright decline of your application.

-In addition, you can make provisions for another person to serve as an Authorized User, who would get a second card with their name on it and would have access to the account.

Finally, although the interest rates and annual fee might seem a bit high, it has benefits and features that makes it equally preferable. Many customer reviews attest to the fact that you can use the card in a way that earns you many juicy prizes.

After you must have weighed your options properly, you need not waste time in opting for the Guaranteed MasterCard. Begin your application today and get your card with ease.