Scotiabank Scene Visa Credit Card – How to Apply?

The Scene Visa Card is one of the card options available from Scotiabank’s many options. This card is notable for the ample benefits of using it. Many customers have enjoyed these rewards and so can you too. You can earn bonus points with your first purchases for the first 30 days. Interesting, right? In addition you also enjoy zero annual fees from using this credit card option. You equally get eligible to earn 1 SCENE point for every $1 you spend on your everyday credit card purchases. This simply means that you get to save some extra money just by using this card to make payments.

The SCENE visa card is perfectly suited to afford you a great experience by incorporating benefits into your daily spending activities. For instance, you can redeem your points to get a free movies ticket. All you need is an accumulation of 1,250 points to get this offer. Not only this, you get 10% saved at participating restaurants when you redeem just 1000 points.

How to Apply

Scotiabank Scene Visa Credit Card - How to Apply?

Now that you know some of the juicy benefits that come with using the SCENE visa card, the next question is how do you get one for yourself? Furthermore, if you are new to Canada and you have no credit history, you need not worry, because you can make your application online without any previous credit history at all. You can also calculate and save up your SCENE points online.

Well, you can easily start the application process online by clicking on the website link.

Then, you click on the part that says “Apply Now”

You would be required to agree with the terms and conditions for getting the credit card. This entails;

-That you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;

-That you have not declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years;

-Your annual gross income is at least $12,000;

– Read and accepted the Application.

If you have all these requirements fulfilled, you can then proceed to accept and continue your application. The relevant personal information would be requested in which you can fill online. After supplying all the right information, your application is promptly done and approved in a very short time.

Scotia bank ensures that all your details are collected on a secured website, thus removing the risks that come with online applications. The details about how to collect your credit card within a short while is given. Finally, you should ensure that you are applying for the right option of credit card that you want. This is because Scotia bank as a number of visa card specification, each meeting the requirements of different people. Start your application today and get yourself the super beneficial SCENE visa card.