Tips For Exporting To The United States

To locate or export to the United States is a crucial step in the development of an international company. This country offers indeed considerable commercial or financial opportunities, whatever the sectors of activity … Provided to take the measure of the cultural, geographical and legal specificities of the business in the US!

The world’s largest economy has no less than 323 million consumers with high purchasing power, which represents a huge potential market for a foreign company or start-up. Statistics show that the US imports more than it exports thereby paving the way for foreign companies to thrive.

Tips For Exporting To The United States

However, let’s not forget the distance barrier as well as the size of the country which may be quite intimidating for most companies under the Euro Zone. Its large size and its structure in 50 states, therefore, require, in the case of exporting products or services, to rely on a logistics strategy and appropriate distribution channels.

For a start-up, it is the local production environment, but also the proximity of the transport system, which is to be evaluated.

To this effect, we will be dishing out tips to help scale your business on American Soil

Research on quality to meet the expectations of a “demanding” ┬ámarket

It should be noted that high-income consumers are present in the US and demands for a variety of products including hardware as well as food and drinks are quite on the high.

The technical reputation of your products must, therefore, remain in line with the demands of the US market. With a constant increase in demand for traditional, innovative and gourmet products, the opportunities for foreign companies are multiplying.

Know the business codes in the US

Ready to try your success-business story in the United States? Be vigilant on several points; the success of your project depends on it and they include :

  • identifying the cultural, fiscal and legal differences of each state to choose the one that will be your optimal entry point to the market ;
  • take into account the level of demand of the American consumer, faced with an existing offer that is already very competitive. The insight that should guide your marketing approach? The immediate and highly competitive utility provided by your service or product!
  • impose your brand image before you start: be present on as many trade shows, seminars, workshops or other networking events. And do not hesitate to always specify your function within your company: a reflex that may seem pompous in your country, but which helps to establish your credibility in the US.


Select a Niche Product

In a market as mature as the United States, it is the niche products with a story to tell which are doing well.

With a sophisticated consumption patterns in North America, quality products, natural, organic or innovative are the ones that work the best. It should be noted however that competition is developing on this type of niche and it is therefore imperative to have a good knowledge of North American import and distribution systems.