United States Presidential Approval Rating

The United States approval rating was invented by George Gallup in the late ’30s to measure public opinion for the president-elect of the United States throughout their tenure. An approval rating comes in the form of a percentage determined by a poll which indicates the level of correspondent to a poll which either approves or rejects a particular person or program. A high percentage not only determines the public approval but also the level of popularity and backing from the masses.

At the poll, a gathering of people are asked either they approve or disapprove of a particular politician. Typically, the question will go in this form: ” Do approve of the way Donald Trump is piloting the affairs of the country or not”. Most surveys from this poll predicts the approval rating is subjective but also a measure of public acceptance or changes in the mood of the masses regarding a public officer especially the president. However, As President Donald Trump via for a second term, the approval rating becomes very important. Despite the stability of the US economy, it doesn’t seem to influence the presidential approval rating. The percentages are always fluctuating which indicates mixed feeling from polls.


United States Presidential Approval Rating


Donald Trump’s Presidential Approval Rating

Donald Trump had the worst level of approval for a president after a year of mandate but his base, which he maintains with optimism during his campaign, remains mobilized. The by-elections that have been following each other since the fall, however, continue to send alarming messages..

Donald Trump halfway through his presidency faced a crucial vote on November 6, 2018, to checkmate his remaining two years. Indeed, the US constitution provides that mid-term (hence the name Midterm) Congress is renewed midway through the tenure. The citizens elected to superhead the poll include all one hundred senators from the House of Representatives and one-third of the members of the lower house. However, the president needed the support of the majority of those elected to vote on his laws and his federal budget. These elections are a way for Americans to validate, or not, the action of their president.

At a point in 2017, the approval rating from American citizens was recorded to be around 43% only for it to drop to 42% few weeks on. Donald Trump remains an unpopular figure in the media as he’s constantly trailed by huge controversies in the media.

However, If the economy remains flourishing and Donald Trump appears as the main factor of this good health, the approval may change afterwards. The president will, therefore, have to continue steadying the ship till 2020 if the economy is the only factor that can convince the Citizens.


Approval Rating Among The Republicans

Republicans have no other political choice at the moment than to support the president. Its approval rate among Republican voters is 88 %, a figure higher than that of former Presidents Obama and Clinton with the Democrats at the same stage of their presidency.

The only president to have a higher figure is president George W Bush. However, the Republicans cannot afford to turn their back on the president after reclaiming power from the Democrats in 2016.

For now, the Republicans don’t have any other choice than to display affection of public loyalty even if there are growing distress within the party.